Coaching Relationships typically involve a six to nine month commitment. Our partnership will focus on what’s most important to you and the pursuit of God sized dreams for your life. I believe that the fusion of your own imaginative and intentional efforts plus the power of God will result in real change both personally and in your contribution to the work of God in the world today. Coaching conversations typically take place bi-monthly. Each coaching conversation (45- 60 minutes in length) is focused upon the pursuit of your dreams, goals, and objectives.While face to face coaching conversations are optimum, the coaching relationship can be pursued using technology such as Skype, Google + or phone.

Please contact me to receive information on my fee structure (

**If you would like to try coaching on for size, I am offering a special one month opportunity. Here are the details:

Cost = $200/month
What = Three 1 hour coaching sessions (via Skype or in-person if you’re in the Pittsburgh area) and priority email access

Also, if you go through the coaching and you find that it wasn’t helpful, I will fully refund your money. My goal is to be so helpful that the return on your investment is much, much greater.

“Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?” (Leonardo da Vinci)

Wake up and dream!