Erwin McManus writes: “Where you go in your imagination is very much who you are going to become. As you dream and as you imagine your life, you can either expand the boundaries of who you can become or you establish paralyzing boundaries that constrict and press against you, limiting and narrowing the person you will become. The highest act of human intelligence isn’t memorizing facts but imagining a new future.”

One of the most energizing actions for me is to come alongside highly motivated people who are committed to personal change and strengthening their leadership capacities. I utilize a transformissional approach to coaching (developed by Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl). This dialogical approach focuses upon four significant questions:

  • Discern: Where is God already at work?
  • Discover: How is God inviting me to participate?
  • Develop: What are the next steps of actions
  • Depend: Whom do I need?

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