07.23.17 Worship Confessional

WEBLOGO“The choices we make every day—where we shop, what we do with our bodies, how we pass our time—form us. They shape the type of Christians we become. What we do matters, not because good behavior gets us into heaven, but because behavior, good and bad, creates certain expectations in us, teaches us certain lessons…Sexual sin forms us. It teaches us false lessons about what sex is, lessons that are not easily unlearned. But sexual sin is something we can repent of. It is something God forgives…A community working toward chastity is not captive to euphemism, dissembling, and pretense, but is a place where sin can be spoken of freely, with contrition but without fear.” (Lauren Winner, Real Sex)

Here is our complete worship flow

  • Look to the Son (Hillsong)
  • Praise the Lord, Evermore (Worship Central)
  • A Time of Confession
  • Kyrie Eleison (Vineyard)
  • You Alone Can Rescue (Matt Redman)
  • Child Dedication
  • Message (Beyond Adultery)
  • Your Love Defends Me (Matt Maher)

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