09.11.16 Worship Confessional

recalibrate1Discipleship is a way to curate your heart to be attentive to and intentional about what you love….To follow Jesus is to become a student of the Rabbi who teaches us how to love; to be a disciple of Jesus is to enroll in the school of charity. Jesus is not the Lecturer-in-Chief; his school of charity is not like the lecture hall where we passively take notes while Jesus spouts facts about himself in a litany of text heavy PowerPoint slides. (James KA Smith, You Are What You Love)

Yesterday as we began our new series, (re)calibrate, I invited our community to reflect upon these four questions:

  1. What do you want in life?
  2. How intentional are you in your practice of the Christian faith?
  3. How often do you engage in one of the classic Christian practices of Scripture, prayer, serving, Sabbath or examine?
  4. What do you love? Is the love of God and neighbor at the heart of your heart?

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Heaven Meets Earth (All Sons and Daughters)
  • One Thing Remains (Kristin Stanfill)
  • 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman)
  • Exalted Over All (Vertical Worship)
  • Always (Kristin Stanfill)
  • A Time of Repentence
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Message (Recalibrate)

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