03.15.15 Worship Confessional

Comedy_Tragedy_by_STiX2000The place to start is with a woman laughing. She is an old woman, and, after a lifetime in the desert, her face is cracked and rutted like a six-month drought. She hunches her shoulders around her ears and starts to shake. She squinnies her eyes shut, and her laughter is all China teeth and wheeze and tears running down as she rocks back and forth in her kitchen chair. She is laughing because she is pushing ninety-one hard and has just been told she is going to have a baby. Even though it was an angel who told her, she can’t control herself, and her husband can’t control himself either. He keeps a straight face a few seconds longer than she does, but he ends by cracking up, too. Even the angel is not unaffected. He hides his mouth behind his golden scapular, but you can still see his eyes. They are larkspur blue and brimming with something of which the laughter of the old woman and her husband is at best only a rough translation.

The old woman’s name is Sarah, of course, and the old man’s name is Abraham, and they are laughing at the idea of a baby being born in the geriatric ward and Medicare’s picking up the tab. They are laughing because the angel not only seems to believe it but seems to expect them to believe it too. They are laughing because with part of themselves they do believe it. They are laughing because with another part of themselves they know it would take a fool to believe it. They are laughing because laughing is better than crying and maybe not even all that different. They are laughing because if by some crazy chance it should just happen to come true, then they would really have something to laugh about. They are laughing at God and with God, and they are laughing at themselves too because laughter has that in common with weeping. No matter what the immediate occasion is of either your laughter or your tears, the object of both ends up being yourself and your own life. (Frederick Buechner, The Gospel as Comedy)

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Mighty Fortress (Baloche and Shust)
  • This Is Amazing Grace (Riddle and Wickham)
  • All the Poor and Powerless (All Sons and Daughters)
  • A Time of Examen
  • Psalm 139 (Robbie Seay)
  • Assurance of Pardon
  • Love Ran Red/At the Cross (Chris Tomlin)
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Message (Comedy or Tragedy)

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