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Slide1Every human being is formed to be a spectator of the created world and given eyes that they might be lead to its author…first to cast eyes upon the very fabric of the world in which God wished to be seen by us. As soon as we acknowledge God to be the supreme architect, who has erected the beauteous fabric of the universe, our minds must necessarily be ravished with wonder at God’s infinite goodness, wisdom and power. (John Calvin)

Yesterday we began the season of Advent by exploring the wondrous gift of life. Each of us has been created in God’s image. I love how Ann Voskamp puts this into words:

“The three persons of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – gathered close together to imagine you. And God in three persons, uncontainable affection, knelt down and kissed warm life into you with the breath of God’s love. You were made from the dust of this earth, and you were made of the happiness of heaven, and you are flesh and you are spirit, and you are of two worlds longing for the home of forever and of Him.”

One of the most amazing dimensions of the Christmas story is that God, the Creator of  life, enters into the world as a human. In other words, the Creator becomes the creation, thus honoring and dignifying human flesh with God’s own presence.

This week how will you live with a greater sense of awe and reverence for the gift of life? What can you do this week to be more aware of the image of God in the people around you? How can you value and protect life, from the pre-born to the elderly and every life in-between?

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Arise, King of Kings (Eoghan Heaslip)
  • Here Is Our King (David Crowder)
  • Video: Learning to Hope During Advent (The Work of the People)
  • His Company (Daniel Renstrom)
  • Unison Prayer
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Message (The Wondrous Gift)
  • Who Would Have Dreamed (Sovereign Grace Music)
  • The Sacrament of Communion
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Traditional)

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