05.17.14 Worship Confessional

Jonah1“Until you’re outraged by God’s love, you’ll never think it’s outrageous; until you’re offended by God’s love, you’ll never be overwhelmed by it.” (R W Glenn)

Yesterday we continued our series, “Jonah: The Outrageous Love of God” by exploring Jonah 1:5-17. The text reveals that it is possible to confess Yahweh with your lips, and yet deny Yahweh with your life.  The sailors clearly saw the disconnect in Jonah’s life between his words and his actions. As we reflected on the Jonah narrative, I raised the question, “What about the people in our lives? Do they observe a disconnection between our words and our actions, our affirmations of faith and our faithful practice?”

We closed our gathering by introducing a song from Brady Toops called “Lord, Have Mercy.” This is a hauntingly beautiful call and response which allows the people of God to cry out with perhaps the simplist and yet most profound prayer, “Lord, have mercy.” During my time a few weeks ago in Franklin, TN at the Luminous Project, I had the opportunity to meet Brady and  experienced his ministry of music and I would highly commend his art to you.

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Here for You (Matt Maher and Matt Redman)
  • Collect for Purity
  • The Rock Won’t Move (Vertical Band)
  • Cornerstone (Hillsong)
  • Forever Reign (Hillsong)
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Veggie Tales: Jonah Was a Prophet
  • Message (Judgement or Mercy)
  • Lord, Have Mercy (Brady Toops and Mia Fields)

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