2.16.14 Worship Confessional

cmykbookplusalbumWhen is the last time that jubilee broke out in your worship gathering?

What an amazing weekend. The Jubilee Conference brought 3000 people into Pittsburgh to celebrate the reality that everything matters to God and that through Jesus, God is redeeming, restoring and renewing all things. Yesterday in our worship gathering, we brought a taste a Jubilee to our worship gathering as Justin McRoberts shared some powerful stories of doing life together. Weaving together word and song, Justin made us laugh, cry, delight and wonder at the mysterious ways God works in our lives.

Justin has created a brilliant project called CMYK: The Process of Doing Life Together. Throughout this work, Justin explores these three themes:

  • the necessary role of relationship in the formation of identity
  • the essential role of darkness in finding clarity
  • the basic commonality of seemingly incompatible images

CMYK is built around letters that Justin has written to various people in his life – a young pastor, a superior sister, a stuck brother or a queer sister. Yesterday as I introduced Justin and called our community to worship, I read a portion of his letter to his oikos, or family:

“I think it is fair to say that you expect to find meaning in everything, waiting to be discovered. This expectation in you is a gift. It s a gift to believe we live in a meaningful world – a world pregnant with significance and purpose. This is one of the ways you proclaim that we live in a created world rather than a coincidental one. By expecting to find meaning in your world you insinuate God has spoken and is still speaking.” (CYMK, 94)

Is this true of me? Is this true of you? Is this true of us?

May you discover a world pregnant with meaning and throughout this week may you find a world where all the colors collide!

You can learn what other faith communities experienced this last weekend in worship at The Worship Community.

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