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4screens_AnEverydayOrdinary_withSnippetLooking for a new way to engage important content in a meaningful way? If you are an iPhone or iPad use, let me recommend Snippet to you. I have been using the new app for a couple of months now and discovering that it is fresh way to not only engage meaningful content, but create it as well.

The people behind Snippet had three core motivations that drove them to create this app:

1) Reading will never be ugly or boring again.

Snippets are beautifully designed and built for reading on your mobile device. We’ve packed them with rich media—like photos, videos, audio and more—all in a clutter-free way. So, read it when you want, and hide it when you don’t.

2) Reading should be inexpensive.

We think great content is valuable, but we also think reading should be inexpensive. That’s why we made Snippets only $.99 to $4.99. Get the best content in a rich and beautiful package, for a fraction of the price.

3) Reading Should be Short and Sweet.

No more endless reading or finishing only half of an expensive book. We help readers get through the content quickly by making every chapter 1,000 words or less.

Right now, I am working through Snippets from Jeff Goins (The In-Between Share Experience), Seth Godin (Pushing Through the Dip) and Stephan Hay (The Design Funnel). You can find these and many others in the Snippet Writing Family.

I am thrilled to be part of the Snippet family and my first Snippet is now available. “An Everyday, Ordinary Liturgy.” Designed to help people make a deeper connection between their Sunday worship and their Monday-Saturday life, the Snippet draws upon elements found in a typical corporate worship context and provides ideas and practices designed to extend worship beyond the walls of the sanctuary and into the places we live, learn, work, serve and play. Right now you can download a copy for $1.99. Check it and provide some feedback to me.

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