An Everyday, Ordinary Liturgy (Introduction)

crossI’ve been a worship leader and pastor for over twenty-five years and over the course of my ministry, there has been an explosion of interest in worship. I’m thrilled about this and personally have made a deep investment in this movement; for most of my adult life, I have leveraged my gifts, passions, and experiences to shape dynamic worship environments. One of my core convictions is that worship is the primary activity of the Church and I believe that corporate worship fuels the people of God to live out the mission of God in their everyday lives.

But here’s the problem – while we have witnessed a resurgence of interest in worship, the renewed focus has brought with it a big downside—let me name it honestly—the culture of worship in the church today is producing consumers of worship rather than people who are engaged in lifestyles of worship. As important and valuable as our worship gatherings are, true worship must extend beyond the walls of the corporate gathering and flow into our everyday, ordinary lives.

This reality presents both a personal and pastoral challenge. Personal, because I love corporate worship and deeply value the rich, and dynamic environment that is created when God’s people gather together. I have been known to get caught up in the emotional high of worship or become to enamored with the next big thing in worship.

And this reality presents a pastoral challenge because as much as I want my people to participate and engage in corporate worship, I want to ensure that what we experience together as a community guides, shapes and empowers us to love God and their neighbor Monday through Saturday as well.

My hope for this series of posts is to help you make a connection between your Sunday worship and the activities of the other six days of the week. In it I have taken six common elements of corporate worship, reframed them and shared some ideas that have helped me take my worship beyond the walls of the sanctuary and into the world.

In the next post we will look at liturgy. What is it and why is it important in forming us as the people of God? In the meantime would you check out my Indiegogo project, A Movable Feast: Worship for the Other Six Days. This book is designed to help the people of God live out the call to worship Monday – Saturday. This book has been percolating within me for quite some time now and with your help the dream can become a reality.

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  1. Jerry Gray says:

    As I have been re-wiring my own worship set up, I realize the hours to days that have passed. I found myself caught up with more of the “world” and the functionality of it. I believed that I was equipped enough, with what is now profoundly so little, that I had learned in my own faith and worship life. Through peaks and valleys, the one constant has been God’s unwillingness to abandon me. His relentless pursuit of me, even when I deliberately tried to turn my back on my faith, is the purest form of his love in my life.
    Now, as I am plugged back in, there is a thirst that I have. My thirst (then to now) has always been to hear and absorb teachings of God’s word. I have met very few, and it’s not to say that they aren’t out there doing it; but in my life, there have been so few that help me connect to it on my level. There is one that has stood above the rest (for the several years that we haven’t even shared any, let alone the same space). That is you Terry Timm. Even as I sit in my own Christian counseling sessions. I constantly reference the words and teachings from you, that STILL resonate with me. I am very pleased to see you doing internet, installment teachings. This helps to quench my thirst for the word, from my very first teacher (who also happened to baptize me in my adult life). I also anticipate your book.

    Just wanted to thank you and to let you know that I am still a scholar of Christ firstly; but a scholar of your teachings as well.

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