An Everyday, Ordinary Liturgy (Call to Worship)

har-calltoworshipAs Maria von Trapp sang, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

Worship gatherings typically begin with a call to worship. It may be a song, a Scripture reading or a prayer. Some churches use bells, chime or some other instrumental sound. Whatever the form, the call to worship serves as signal,  reminder and a focal point alerting the gathered that the activity of worship is set to begin.

I like what Chris Gambill says: “The call to worship is a tool to remind us about God. About who He is. About His unchanging character. About His love, grace, faithfulness, majesty, and might. It reminds us that we only come into God’s presence because He has invited us through the blood of Jesus Christ. And in that invitation, because of who God is, we are invited to worship Him as His people.”

What might an everyday, ordinary call to worship look like?

What wakes you up in the morning? An alarm clock? Your phone? Birds sweetly singing or children noisily preparing for school? Whatever your wake-up call may be, welcome it and allow it to become a prompt for worship. As your eyes open and you become aware of the breath filling your lungs, let your first thoughts be directed toward God. Commit your day to the Lord, consecrate yourself afresh and through Christ, offer your everyday, ordinary life as an act of worship.

How do you begin your day? How do you turn your attention toward the One who created you, redeemed you and gifted you for holy purposes?

If this topic intrigues you, please check out my Indiegogo project, A Movable Feast: Worship for the Other Six Days. This book is designed to help the people of God live out the call to worship Monday – Saturday. This book has been percolating within me for quite some time now and with your help the dream can become a reality.

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