08.04.13 Worship Confessional

Slide1The wisdom and goodness of the Creator abound in the fact that, following the creation, establishment and securing of a sphere of human life, He wills to fashion and does fashion it as a dwelling-place for the man who can recognize God and himself and his fellow-creatures, and who in the recognition of what is and occurs can be grateful and express his gratitude. . . . The office of these lights, the heavenly bodies, is to summon him in relation to his Maker to sight, consciousness and activity. (Karl Barth)

The last place most people look is right under their feet, in the everyday activities, accidents, and encounters of their lives. . . . My life depends on ignoring all touted distinctions between the secular and the sacred, the physical and the spiritual, the body and the soul. What is saving my life now is becoming more fully human, trusting that there is no way to God apart from real life in the real world. (Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar in the World)

Yesterday we begin a new series of gatherings called “Coordinates” and for five weeks we will exploring the reality that as humans we are a placed people. As Craig Bartholomew observes in his masterful book, Where Mortals Dwell: A Christian View of Place Today,

  • Place and implacement is a gift and provides the possibility for imaging God in his creation. Place is thus a dynamic concept evoking the creative engagement of humans with their contexts.
  • Place is never fully place without God as co-inhabitant.
  • Place is thus always, in one way or another, a theological concept. After Eden the challenge of implacement and the danger of displacement are a constant part of the human condition. Humans remain placed, but displacement is a constant threat.

Why is a theology of place important? How do you take up your place in the world? How are you joining with God in the missio dei in the coordinates where God has placed you today?

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • The Earth Is Yours (Gungor)
  • God of Wonders Video and Reading from Psalm 104
  • God of Wonders (Third Day)
  • Everlasting God (Brenton Brown)
  • Prayer for Illumination (based upon Ephesians 1:17-19)
  • Here’s My Heart (Passion)
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Message (Coordinates 1)
  • My Father’s World (Jadon Lavik)

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