05.19.13 Worship Confessional

Slide1“To me, generosity implies living life with open hands.  Too often though, we tend to hang on to what we have for dear life.  But when our fists are grasping on to our things, in fear of losing control, we are really limiting ourselves.  Hands that are full can’t take any more.  Hands that are full and closed to new gifts. On the contrary, open hands imply a posture of trust.  We have what is needed, and we can hold it loosely, believing that the Lord is in control. We can both give to others, and receive gifts from others. Generosity requires this second posture.” (Katherine Sikma)

This morning was the second week in our series on Generosity and our director of young adults and campus pastor, Katherine Sikma shared a potent talk on the possibilities that come when we open up our hands. During the  message we viewed a video from International Steward of how generosity changed the war-torn village of Bundibugyo, Uganda. Spurred on by one man’s conviction that even in the poorest community, that people could embrace generosity, Bishop Hannington asked, “How soon can my people rise to the challenge? God has given us everything we need to rebuild our community.  What He needed was for us to make ourselves available to Him.  He was going to use us.” And indeed God did.

Katherine challenged our community of faith with these words:

How soon can we rise to the challenge? This kind of generosity is already very much a part of the fabric of this community.  Time and time again I have witnessed and experienced the grace of giving from members of this community of faith.  We are not trying to move out of inertia; we are already rolling.  People give money, make meals, bake cookies, crochet blankets, share stories, volunteer their time, and invite one another to do life together. This morning I want to pour gasoline on the fire. What would happen in our community, in our world, if we pushed ourselves to give even more?

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Praise the Invisible (Daniel Bashta)
  • Great Are You, Lord (All Sons and Daughters)
  • Our God Is Mercy (Brenton Brown)
  • Reading from Acts 2:1-21
  • Burning in My Soul (Matt Maher)
  • Prayer
  • This Is How We Know (Matt Redman)
  • Children, Youth and Family Update
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Message (Generosity)
  • Great Are You, Lord (All Sons and Daughters)

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