03.17.13 Worship Confessional

Cross“In nearly all of the world’s religions-and certainly the earliest, primitive religions-sacrifice involves a human action (offering animals, flowers, fruit, obedient living) in order to insure that the god(s) will act favorably toward a person or group. Christianity, in contrast, is the only religion in which God makes a sacrifice in order to elevate humans.” (James Bryan Smith, The Kingdom and the Cross)

This morning we continued our series, “The Kingdom and the Cross” by looking at the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. In Jesus, we find God present in some unexpected places: a virgin’s womb, a manger and a cross. King Jesus, God incarnate, not only ushered in the kingdom, but offered His very life as the sacrifice for sin, taking our place on the cross, making forgiveness possible.

One artistic note on our gathering – we introduced a beautiful song from Trent Smith called “Glorious.” I’ve met Trent at Refuge and he is an amazing musician, songwriter and worship leader. This song will be released soon on a project called Greater Joy. Be on the lookout for it.

Here is our complete worship flow:

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  1. Hey, Terry
    How did your congregation respond/take to “Glorious?” Hope all is well.

    • Really well Chris – it’s a beautiful song with rich lyrics that encompasses both the life and death of Jesus. We sang it twice on Sunday morning which helped to reinforce it with our community.

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