03.03.13 Worship Confessional

CrossShadow2wpCropAs we continued our Lent series, The Kingdom and the Cross, our focus this morning was “The God Who Seeks Our Good.” We explored Jeremiah 29 and raised questions about living as exiles who seek the peace and prosperity of their world. I love the challenge found in these words from James Bryan Smith: “As God is, so his people should become. Because Christ dwells in me, I am (or should be) reflecting more and more of the character of Christ in my life. So, if our God is self-sacrificing and seeks to bless others who have done nothing to merit it, then we should be people who are self-sacrificing and who bless others who have not earned it.”

This week U2 frontman, Bono gave a compelling presentation at TED2013 titled Eradicating Poverty Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream. As a conclusion to the talk Bono quotes Wael Ghonim, the former Googler who used social networking and technology tools with such effect in the Egyptian uprising. “We’re going to win because we don’t understand politics. We’re going to win because we don’t play their dirty games. We’re going to win because we don’t have an agenda. We’re going to win because the tears that comes from our eyes actually come from our hearts. We’re going to win because we have dreams. We’re going to win because we are willing to stand up for our dreams.”

  • What do you think is God’s dream for your world? And how could you stand up for that dream and pray and work toward its fulfillment?
  • What would to mean for you to seek the peace and prosperity of your neighborhood, workplace or school?
  • How is God inviting you to bless the place where you live, work or learn?

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • As It Is in Heaven (Matt Maher)
  • Whom Shall I fear (Chris Tomlin)
  • The Death of Death (Charlie Hall)
  • You Alone Can Rescue (Matt Redman)
  • Commissioning of Our Gulf Coast Team
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Message (The God Who Seeks Our Good)

You can learn what other communities of faith experienced this weekend in worship at The Worship Community.

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  1. Hey Terry great series. We’ve did Whom Shall I Fear today also, there is a powerful anointing on that song in our context. What key are you guys playing it? Have a blessed week!
    Rob Still recently posted..March 3 Worship Recap

    • Our experience with the song is similar, Rob. We’re doing it in the key of B (a little lower than Tomlin). BTW, he was here in Pittsburgh about two weeks ago. The guys is such a gifted songwriter.

      Hanging in St Simons Island for the Refuge Retreat – you need to get this on your calendar Rob…


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