11.04.12 Worship Confessional

This past weekend I was scheduled to be in New York City for the Gospel and Culture conference that was being held through Redeemer Church’s Center for Faith and Work. Hurricane Sandy prevented me from attending and so it was a opportunity for me to simply worship with my community of faith apart from any leadership responsibilities.

My friend Terry Mann, Project Director of TWOgether Pittsburgh shared a great message from John 21:15-23. It was a wonderful example of narrative preaching as he invited us to enter into the story and see our stories in light of the biblical narrative. Terry drew out three important points for reflection and application:

  • Don’t set limits on yourself because of your past;
  • Don’t compare yourself with others;
  • Don’t be surprised when people misunderstand.

One of our team members, Rob lead our music set. He did a great job selecting music that supported the overall theme of the morning. One of the pieces the band did was an original song from a team member, BJ York, entitled, The Call. Barb is an amazing singer/songwriter and has a powerful way of inviting people into the story through her music:

What would I do, who would I be,
if you were standing right before me?
Teacher, would I look down, as you called me from the boat,
and slip beneath the surface?

And then you ask of me, “Do you love Me?” Oh, yes, my Lord.
“Then feed my lambs.” Oh, yes my Lord.
“Do you truly love Me?” Oh, yes, my Lord.
“Then, tend my sheep.”

Full with hunger, rich with need,
I begin to see myself in the pain of those who would hurt me.
Your storm has washed the sand from beneath my feet.
And even as I’m drained and moorless and afraid, You give Your strength into me, oh, yes, my Lord.

“Do you love Me?” Oh, yes, my Lord.
“Then go out and heal their wounds.” Oh, yes, my Lord.
“Do you truly love Me?” Oh, yes, my Lord.
“Then give my love to him, who hates his own life…

And my life shifts, as Your light lifts the shadows from this room.
Sifted through, all that I thought I knew is redefined by You.
And, now I know what I will do. I will follow You.
And, now I know who I am. I am Yours.

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Because of Your Love (Paul Baloche)
  • Psalm 47
  • Awesome is the Lord Most High
  • Like a Fool (Matt Maher)
  • Announcements and Offering
  • The Call (BJ York)
  • Message: What About Him? (Terry Mann)
  • God of This City (Bluetree)

You can learn what other communities of faith experienced in worship this past weekend at The Worship Community.

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