7.29.12 Worship Confessional

Yesterday was a different kind of experience for us in worship. Due to some work being done in our normal meeting space, we moved our gathering to the cafeteria. We knew the smaller room would create a more intimate setting and planned accordingly. We put together an acoustic set with a team of two guitars, bass, and some hand percussion. We also brought our our small Bose sound system which was perfect for the room we were in.

It seemed that God had other plans for us. During the last moments of sound check, our Bose system failed (didn’t think anything bad could ever happen with Bose). Our team quickly rigged up something using a Crate amp and we were back up and running. And then just 5 minutes before our gathering was to begin, the school lost all power. We ended up completely unplugged: acoustic guitar, natural vocals and hand percussion. It’s amazing: God can be worshiped without sound systems and powerpoint presentations!

My friend Tom posted this on Facebook immediately after worship:

Awesome gathering this morning with the community of faith at CCCSH. It does not get more organic than meeting in an elementary school cafeteria with only a acoustic guitar, djembe, cajon and no electricity!

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Love Came Down (Ben Cantelon)
  • Everlasting God (Brenton Brown)
  • Psalm 28 and 1 Peter 2:4-10
  • Cornerstone (Hillsong)
  • Community Concerns
  • Offering
  • Message: Dwelling in God’s Word
  • Benediction (2 Corinthians 13:14)

You can learn what other communities of faith experienced in worship this past weekend at The Worship Community.

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  1. Jerry Gray says:

    You can’t plan or pay for such realism to happen!! In my walk; I’ve learned to expect (and embrace) the unexpected with God!! Much like your gathering; God strips us down and uses us as HE see’s fit. Wish I would’ve been in attendance for this one!! The vibe and feel…The God…

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