5.27.12 Worship Confessional

This morning in worship we begin a four week series, “Under the Sun” which based upon the book of Ecclesiastes.  Have you read through the twelve chapters of this ancient piece of literature lately? On first read (or more) it seems somewhat shocking that it is included in the biblical genre of wisdom literature. How many times can you read: “Everything is meaningless” and “there is nothing new under the sun.”

What does it mean to you when you hear this words – is it a cry of despair, a statement of resignation, or something else?

To frame the series, we used a new short film from Erwin McManus called Earth. McManus is the highly creative pastor/artisan who leads the Mosaic community in LA and he has created a series of short films around these five elements: earth, water, fire, wind and wood. If you are familiar with his book, An Unstoppable Force, you will understand the central place these five elements place in his understating of the shape and purpose of the Church.

In this film, McManus speaks of how he once resonated with the cry of meaninglessness in Ecclesiastes. He wondered if anything good could emerge from the emptiness of this world. And as he looked more closely he discovered God breathing life and warmth into the dust of the earth. God indeed is doing a new thing.

The wisdom of Ecclesiastes invites us to consider both the created order and the creative order. I love how McManus distinguishes the possibilities and potential:

When we live our lives outside of God, we find ourselves trapped in the created order. But when we live our lives inside of God, we find ourselves alive as a part of the creative order…When we become part of the creative order, when we become alive in God, we begin to realize that our imagination is the playground of God – where we begin to see a future that can be created in partnership with Him.

What new thing do you need God to do in, with and through you?

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Now and Forever (One Sonic Society)
  • I Love Your Grace (Matt Maher and Chris Tomlin)
  • Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin)
  • Love Came Down (Ben Cantelon)
  • Announcements and Offering
  • Wholly Yours (David Crowder Band)
  • Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
  • Video: Earth (Erwin McManus)
  • Conversation
  • All Things New (Brett Younker)

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