This week our community of faith launched an exciting new initiative in partnership with the Nakawa Pentecostal Church (NPC) in Kampala, Uganda. We are calling it leader-to-leader.

The genesis of this partnership was a conversation that Pastor Luke Jaymin and I had during my visit to Kampala in July. Luke and I have been in an email mentoring relationship for over a year and when God opened the door for me to visit Uganda I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to spend quality time with my dear brother in Christ. During my time in Kampala, Luke and I talked about how God has mutually blessed us through our relationship and we dreamed about ways to connect our churches and our leaders.

Here is an except from the email that Pastor Luke and I together sent to our first group of participants in the leader-to-leader initiative. I think it captures the heart and vision behind leader-to leader:

“By the grace of God, in 2010 the two of us were introduced to one another through the Pastor’s Discipleship Network (PDN). Each week through the exchange of emails we have experienced encouragement, learning and mutual support. Across the many miles/kilometers that separate Kampala, Uganda and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, God has connected our lives and hearts in a deep way; our relationship has been a rich and fruitful one.

When we were together in Kampala in July, we dreamed about ways to deepen the partnership between Nakawa Pentecostal Church (NPC) and Christ Community Church (CCC) and one idea was to connect our leaders together in a similar email relationship.  This dream is becoming a reality and we are grateful to God that you are part of our first group of leader to leader relationships…

In closing as we begin these relationship, this is our prayer for you:

We pray that the Lord will make your relationship fruitful. It is our conviction that the Lord will work through each of you for the spiritual benefit, growth and maturity of the other. That as you both look unto the Lord for all you desire, that you get to know him more and together be able to strengthen each others faith.

We trust the Lord will be with you as you seek to know him more together,
to serve him better
to love him more
to walk with him
and to fight the battle of Faith in victory.

We pray that not by your power, but by the Spirit of the Lord you will grow up in him and in good fellowship with each other.
…that they may be one… John17:11.”

While I was in Kampala, Luke and I had the opportunity to share our story with a gathering of East African pastors and church leaders. I hope you can sense the love and connection that Christ has brought to our lives.

Stay connected…


  1. Great video. My relationship with Pastor Rose is also a partnership – we mentor one another. Really excited about the expanding connections between your churches. Please keep reporting back on how it goes.

    • It greatly encourages me Sherry to know that you and Rose continue to partner together as sisters in Christ and servants of the Church of Jesus Christ. You’re setting the pace and I pray that others will follow your example.

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