9.18.11 Worship Confessional

This morning we begin a new series of worship gatherings entitled, One.Life. The inspiration behind this series is a book by the same title written by New Testament scholar Scot McKnight.  The primary question behind this series is this: “What will you give your one life to?” I find McKnight’s response to this question compelling:

“At the core of every dream you have, Behind every dream you have, Ahead of every dream others have, And in the center of every good dream every human has we will find the kingdom dream of Jesus. We are designed to give our One.Life to that dream.”

Today’s gathering was focused on a Kingdom.Life and I love the way Cornelius Plantinga described the kingdom of God in terms of shalom:

“The prophets dreamed of a new age in which human crookedness would be straightened out, rough places made plain. The foolish would be made wise, and the wise, humble.They dreamed of a time when the deserts would flower, the mountains would run with wine, weeping would cease, and people could go to sleep without weapons on their laps. People would work in peace and work to fruitful effect. Lambs could lie down with lions. All nature would be fruitful, benign, and filled with wonder upon wonder. All humans would be knit together in brotherhood and sisterhood; and all nature and all humans would look to God, walk with God, lean toward God, and delight in God. Shouts of joy and recognition would well up from valleys and seas, from women in streets and from men on ships. The webbing together of God, humans, and all creation in justice, fulfillment, and delight is what the Hebrew prophets call shalom.”

We closed our gathering with Shaun Groves‘ song, Kingdom Coming. If you are not familiar with Groves’ Third World Symphony, it is a powerful project generated from his global travel and work with Compassion International, a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty in 26 countries and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. The chorus cries out:

Til the sword is spared
And the bread is shared
‘Til the dying’s done
Let your kingdom come
‘Til the rich ones give
And the poor ones live
‘Til the weak are strong
Let your kingdom come

Here is our complete worship flow:

  • Joyful: The God Who Saves (Brenton Brown)
  • Reading from Matthew 5:1-10
  • Our God Is Mercy (Brenton Brown)
  • I Will Follow (Chris Tomlin)
  • Child/Family Dedication
  • Announcements/Offerings
  • Message: Kingdom.Life
  • Kingdom Coming (Shaun Groves)

You can learn what other communities of faith experienced in worship this weekend at The Worship Community.

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