New Music Tuesday – Keyes, Asend the Hill and Graham Colton

It’s a New Music Tuesday and today I have been listening to three new projects, two of which are recent releases and one that is new to me. So here are three brief New Music Tuesday reviews of projects from Aaron Keyes, Ascend the Hill and Graham Colton.

First up is Aaron Keyes’ second project entitled “Dwell.” To be honest, I haven’t listened at all (yet) to his highly acclaimed “Not Guilty Anymore” but I am aware of Keyes’ work from a single he released with Ben Smith in 2008 called “Jesus Loves Me” and also by his contribution of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” to a masterful project called “Love Divine: The Hymns of Charles Wesley.”

After listening to “Dwell” throughout the morning I found the songs to be congregational in nature, extremely singable, and scriptural in content. I am sure a number of these songs will make it into our faith community’s songlist. Check out Worship Together’s latest episode of New Song Cafe which features Aaron and co-writer Jess Cates sharing the story behind the title track, “Dwell.”

Thanks to Joe Byler over at Vox Veritas for turning me unto a band called Ascend the Hill. They describe themselves with these words:

“More than a band, more than songs craftily arranged by musicians, more than a group of dudes running after their dreams. Ascend The Hill exists for a purpose far greater than our own selfish endeavors…we exist to make much of the name of Jesus. Without Him in our midst we’re just another social gathering, and we’re wasting our time.”

These guys have a ton of passion, thoughtful lyrics and a big heart for God. You can download their self-titled release (for free) here.

Lastly, check out Graham Colton‘s Pacific “Coast Eyes.” It’s a free download this week at Noisetrade. Colton has toured with a ton of big-name acts and his music was also featured on the TV show Boston Med (anyone watch that?). Thanks to Derek Webb for the recommendation.

What new music are you downloading today?

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  1. I enjoyed the Love Divine album, I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to Aaron Keyes yet though.

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