An Update from Guraghe, Ethiopia

Here is an encouraging update on our community of faith’s partnership with World Vision in Guraghe, Ethiopia:

Child focused development activities that World Vision Ethiopia is undertaking in Guraghe community since 2001 has rekindled hopes of many children. The program has responded to the physical needs of the children by ensuring food security, constructing heath facilities and schools, providing safe drinking water to the community and offering training parents on sanitation. Tibibi is one of the registered children benefiting from the multifaceted development projects. Tibibi, the youngest boy, was born to a large family, 8 siblings – 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Unlike his siblings, Tibibi has easily accessed education at a school that WV had built in his village.

Like many farmers in Ethiopia, Guraghe community practiced rain fed agriculture and backward farming system that left them to starvation when rain failed. To avert such recurring problems, World Vision introduced new farming technologies and inputs to the community which also addressed Tibibi’s parents. Mr. Dula was offered various skills upgrading training and received improved seeds and yielded more produce. He also benefited from irrigation scheme that went operational in 2007 enabling him to produce varieties of vegetables three times a year for household consumption and for sale. Now, the family has 6 milking cows and Tibibi and his family have enough milk to drink. Having fulfilled the basic needs, the family earns money from sales of grains and milk by-products. Tibibi’s siblings are all in school and one of his brothers is studying economics in a local university. Mr. Dula, recalls the hard times the family experienced when he failed to provide his kids with what they wanted for life. He said he felt ashamed when he failed to feed his large family that made him feel guilty. “I can never forget the feeling I had when my children went to school without having enough breakfast and wearing tattered and patched clothes.”  Mr. Dula said the life of his family has been impacted by the development activities that World Vision is carrying out in his district. He likens World Vision Ethiopia’s love and favor to good parents towards their children. “Our kids are cared for and so is my community and I would like to say thank you!”

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