4.17.11 Worship Confessional

As our Lenten journey continues, our focus this morning in worship was “Moving from Palms to Passion. ” Our goal in designing the flow of the gathering was to help our community of faith experience the rich emotional tenor of that first Palm Sunday – from the exhilaration of the crowds who shouted out their praise to the heartbreak of Jesus, who wept over the city knowing that the majority of its inhabitants would reject God’s gift of salvation and peace. Our Gospel reading from Luke 19 captures the movement from palms to passion:

“When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen:   “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!” “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come on you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side.  They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.” (Luke 19:37-44)

We shaped our gathering in two distinct movements, creating space through song, Scripture, teaching, prayer, silence and readings

Movement One: Palms
Our God Saves (Paul Baloche)
Scripture: Luke 19:28-38
Hosanna (Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown)
Our God is Mercy (Brenton Brown)
Teaching: Luke 19:37-40
Response: I Will Not Be Silent (David Crowder Band)

Movement Two: Passion
Scripture: Luke 19:41-44
You Bled (Rend Collective Experiment)
Reading (Do You See Me, O Christ?)
How He Loves (John Mark McMillan)

If you do nothing else today, watch the Rend Collective video of “You Bled” – it will bring joy to your heart and tears to your eyes.

Dianne Polome over at Unfinished Work created our reading, “Do You See Me, O Christ?”

Do you see me, O Christ?
Today I honor you with palms,
shout Hosannas with the crowd.
I would make you king.

Do you see me, O Christ?
Tomorrow I raise my voice with the mob,
I mock you; hurl insults at you.
I would crucify you.

Oh yes, you see me, Lord Jesus,
through tear-filled eyes and a love that never wavers.
You look beyond the path of human glory
to the humble road of pain.
You see past the crowd’s acclaim
to death, and life again.
You see my soul, a soul in need.
You see the heart of God for me.

How did you help the gathered experience the power and passion of Palm Sunday?

You can learn what other communities of faith experienced in worship this weekend at The Worship Community.

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  1. Hey Tim,
    I loved reading about your service and def. loved that video. I’m gonna see if our church will show that next week!
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. You Bled is an excellent song. We’re doing it this weekend.
    Alastair recently posted..Story Church Set List – 17 Apr 2011 sundaysetlists

  3. Terry – Great set and movement throughout. The reading: wow. just wow.


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