An Opportunity to Equip and Empower East African Pastors

This July I will have the amazing opportunity to travel to East Africa to serve as a member of the faculty for the “Rooted in God’s Word Conference.” This conference, sponsored by the Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN) will be held in Kampala, Uganda and will reach 400-500 East African pastors each of whom is currently providing local church leadership. Most East Africa pastors (80%) are leading their churches without the benefit of formal biblical or theological training and the mission of PDN is to train and equip local church pastors with basic study tools for accurately interpreting God’s Word. I am grateful to partner with the faithful and diligent staff of the PDN: Richmond Wandera, Ronnie Nalera Guloba, Terry Marshall and Emily Hartman.

This opportunity connects deeply to my passion to encourage, equip and empower local church leaders, near and far and everywhere in-between. I will be giving three keynote lectures on hermeneutics, discipleship and leadership, along with providing small group leadership and one on one coaching and encouragement to conference participants.

As well, after the conference I will be spending three days with Pastor Luke Jaymin Muwayi and his congregation in Kampala. Pastor Luke and I have been in a mentoring relationship (through PDN) for the past year and this relationship has been a rich, rewarding leadership challenge. I look forward to spending time with Pastor Luke, his church and leadership team and together, we are filled with a great sense of anticipation for the face to face opportunity to explore the shape of a future partnership between our communities of faith.

My trip expenses have been covered by gifts already given in support of this initiative but there is an important way that you could partner with PDN to financially support this conference. Many of the participants in the conference will be traveling from remote areas and travel expenses can be a significant obstacle to their participation.  A gift of $15 will help cover the cost of transportation to and from the conference for pastors in rural communities. As well, each participant will be given a Study Bible (perhaps their very first Bible) and your gift of $30 will help make this a reality. If you would like to resource pastors in this way, please send a check payable to CCCSH (memo Pastors Conference) to: CCCSH PO Box 13393 Pittsburgh PA 15243.

I am being diligent to prepare myself for this experience and would appreciate having you as part of my support team. If you would be willing to be part of the team and I would love to include you in regular updates leading up to the trip in July. Your prayers will fuel my preparations and play a critical role in the fruitfulness of this initiative. You can email me at

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