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I love the Church and believe it is God’s chosen vehicle to carry the good news of Jesus Christ (see Ephesians 3:10). My life’s call has been to help the Church become everything God intended, created, redeemed and gifted her to be.

Over the past seven years it has been one of my greatest joys to provide leadership to a community of faith that describes its mission as helping people connect with God, one another and our world. And even more important than the words we speak are the actions we take.  Day in and day out our community demonstrates a faithfulness (not a perfectness) to being this sort of presence in the world.

During this Advent season I have been using the Mosaic Bible as a devotional and these words about the “present/future” dynamic from Brad Harper greatly encouraged me and renewed me in my call to do whatever I can to serve the Church and help her live as deeply as possible into her purpose:

“The future is about a community in which barriers that separate people from God, one another and creation are no more. Every broken relationship, every wounded heart, every chronic pain of body and soul will be healed. In the church, this community of the future has already been inaugurated by Jesus Christ. As God’s eschatological community, we hope for ultimate redemption in the future. But in the present, we must break down the barriers and bear each others brokenness. Through this here-and now experience, Christ’s bride, the Church begins to take on the beauty that will be hers when he comes to claim her as is own.”

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