Experiencing Good Leadership

leadership_1_When was the last time you were well led?

On Saturday evening I gathered in a field on the property of St Benedict the Abbott in McMurray for an evening of music and worship. The musical event was the culmination of a day-long experience called “Alive Again,” a gathering for Catholic youth and young adults. The leadership at St. Ben’s were gracious to let some of us Protestants crash the party.

Matt Maher and his band led the evening’s festivities. Matt isn’t a household name quite yet in worship circles (unfortunately he is most likely best known for mistakenly singing one of Chris Tomlin’s songs, “Your Grace is Enough” and I say mistakenly because Matt actually wrote the song) – although things are changing as the title track from his new release, “Alive Again” is in heavy rotation on KLOVE.

One of the things I appreciated most about Matt’s leadership was not only his attention to musical flow but also his integration of rich theological images, metaphors and liturgical movement. For me, the most beautiful and profound segment of the evening was when Matt led us via song through the death and resurrection of Jesus and the establishment of God’s kingdom here on earth. We moved from “You Were on the Cross” to “Christ is Risen” to “As It Is in Heaven” (Let your kingdom come, let your will be done…) and the invitation to participate with Christ in His death, resurrection and as a cooperative friend in the establishment of God’s kingdom here on earth was real and palpable.

There is tremendous power released when we are well led.

A couple of thoughts to reflect upon:

  • When is the last time you thanked someone for their leadership in your life?
  • What is the realm or sphere that God has called you to exercise leadership? Who are the people who are looking to you for good leadership?
  • What kind of power and potential is released when we both experience and exercise good leadership?

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  1. “When is the last time you thanked someone for their leadership in your life?”

    Sad to say that I can think of alot more times when I’ve criticized someone (behind their backs of course) about poor leadership: than times i’ve thanked someone for their good leadership.

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