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This Advent season our faith community is seeking to understand and then enter the Christmas story in a deeper way. One of the greatest invitations to do so comes to us through the artform and gift of music. Have you ever noticed how a beautiful song can open us up to deeper truth and reality?

On December 1, Product RED launched a new music site called (RED)Wire. (RED)Wire is a digital subscription music magazine that makes a difference by sharing exclusive music from some of the world’s greatest artists every week and using the proceeds to provide people living with HIV in Africa the medicine they need to stay alive. $50 if you can guess which band was featured in first issue.

Some of you may remember Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Christmas classic, “I Believe in Father Christmas.” To be honest, some of the original lyrical content of this song is pretty cynical, skeptical and even agnostic in nature. Take a listen to U2’s cover of this song and I would love to hear your thoughts on some of Bono’s subtle lyric changes.

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